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2016 Discontinued Vehicles and What to Drive Instead

2016 has been a big year for automobiles. We’re seeing lots of interesting developments, such as luxury cars with non-luxury prices. The Jaguar XE and the Tesla Model 3 are examples of those. We’re also seeing the introduction of more and more diesel-powered, hydrogen-powered, and hybrid vehicles. As these new models have shown up at dealerships across the US, some old ones have faced discontinuation. In case you like any of the following discontinued cars, we have some replacement suggestions for you. We’ll also let you in on a convenient shopping tool.

Mercedes-Benz M-Class

The M-Class brand name is disappearing but the vehicle will live on. It’s replacement is the GLE-Class, which looks much more like a 2016 crossover than the M-Class did. The GLE is very comparable to the M-Class in many ways. Unfortunately, if you like the way the M-Class looks, your only choice is to buy a used one or get lucky enough to find a new one that still hasn’t been sold.

Honda Accord Crosstour

The Crosstour is an interesting wagon-like car with enough ground clearance to enable some off-roading. There are several reasons you might buy a Crosstour, which means there are many options for substitute vehicles.

If you’re looking for a station wagon with good handling on slippery surfaces, you might have purchased the AWD Crosstour. Try the Volvo S60 Cross Country instead. You’ll be surprised by how similar it is. If you want a wagon for typical road driving, consider the Subaru Outback and the Volkswagen Golf Wagon. Keep in mind that all these cars are comparably priced but AWD will add several thousand dollars to your bill.

All Scion Models

Yes, it’s true. Scion will be no more. However, some Scion models will be sold with the Toyota logo on them. Specifically, the iA, iM and FR-S will be Toyotas instead of Scions. They will start appearing at Toyota dealerships in August 2016.

The Scion tC will be discontinued and won’t be produced with Toyota logos. The tC is a unique small sports car that doesn’t compare to many other vehicles. You might consider the Hyundai Veloster, the Subaru BRZ, or even the Ford Mustang as replacements.

Buick Verano

Everybody’s expecting a discontinuation of the Verano this year. The Verano is a small, American luxury sedan. We suggest checking out the Acura ILX and the Chevy Malibu if you can’t find any leftover Veranos at local dealers. The Chevrolet Cruze may also suit your needs; and it’s impressively fuel-efficient.

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