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Build and Price Your Alfa Romeo

One of the first new brands to hit the US market in the new millenium is Italian manufacturer Alfa Romeo. It's a brand owned by Fiat Chrysler but it still retains its autonomy, producing vehicles that can only be called Alfas. You can get Alfa Romeo quotes today!


Alfa Romeo's parent company is Fiat Chrylser. Fiat's success in America, therefore, allowed Alfa to enter the market with some vehicles that are a little more expensive and upscale than the most expensive Fiat, the 124 Spider. Alfa isn't Fiat or Chrysler, though, and Alfa doesn't play by Chrysler or Fiat rules.

The Giulia is a fast car but it's not an expensive sports car. It's a big step up from the 124 spider because it's bigger and more powerful. It competes directly with BMW's M4 sports car, having around 276 turbocharged horsepower, but costs less than $40,000. Hard to beat. The closest you'll come is a Jaguar XF or an American muscle car.

Yes, Alfa has found a sweet spot. It's affordable, it's beautiful, it's Italian and it can beat the Jag XE in a drag race (presumably). This is the first time anything like this has been available in the States for a while.

4C Spider

You can think of the 4C Spider as a Fiat 124 Spider with a little bit more of everything. It has .4 L more, 77 horsepower more, about 74 lbft of torque more, it redlines at 250 rpm more, and it will go 24 mph faster at top speed. The 124 Spider has 160 hp and is one of the most fun vehicles to drive. You can see why the 4C is of interest to anyone who enjoys small sports cars.

The 124 and the 4C are roughly the same size and weight but whereas the 4C has an MSRP of $63,900, the 124 Spider starts at $24,995. What justifies and extra $40,000? Well, the 4C does have a classy, Porsche-like look from the outside. It has really slick seats and a simple yet expensive-looking interior. And maybe technology like launch control, for quicker starts on the race track, and a dual-core intercooler is enough to make you say "yes" to paying the extra funds.

4C Coupe

The 4C Coupe is almost identical to the Spider. One of the few exceptions (besides the roof, of course) is 22 pounds, which is how much lighter the coupe is. Another is the price. The coupe is $10,000 less than the Spider, at $53,900. You can't read that without wondering why. We thought it might be because the Spider looks so good but hold on, look at the coupe! It's great! From the side, it looks like a Nissan GT-R with a bigger rear end. From the front corner, the roof has a futuristic curve reminiscent of something the Jetsons would be transported in. If you don't really want a convertible, you'll be having the coupe.

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