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Outstanding Deals on New SUVs

“SUV” is an acronym that is used to name a variety of vehicles. Sometimes “crossovers,” “wagons” and other types of vehicles are called SUVs. Crossovers are built more like sedans, with a unibody structure. Traditional SUVs are built like trucks, with body-on-frame construction. Sport utility vehicles (SUVs) usually have the following benefits.

  • All-wheel Drive or Four-Wheel Drive (AWD or 4WD): Both AWD and 4WD make it easier to travel on abnormal surfaces. AWD is best for snow, ice and water on relatively smooth surfaces, such as roads. 4WD may be required for extreme off-road terrain with large rocks, mud or sand.
  • Payload and Towing: Many SUVs are equipped to carry and tow more than other types of vehicles.
  • Seating and Leg Room: SUVs are typically larger and provide more seating than sedans. Some SUVs seat more than 7 people!
  • Technology and Safety: SUVs are often equipped with the latest technology, such as rear-view cameras, collision avoidance, keyless start and connective infotainment systems. They often have high safety ratings.
  • Power: While some SUVs have small engines, most are relatively powerful. Some have towing capacities of 6,000 pounds or more.

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