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The 2019 Ford Ranger

It's official, according to plenty of reputable sources. The Ranger will return to the US, probably towards the end of 2018. That means the 2019 model will be available at that time. Did you know the Ranger has been selling in non-US markets all along? Because of that, the next version of the Ranger sold in the US will be a lot like the Rangers we find in the rest of the world, pictured above.


The new Ranger will utilize the same body-on-frame construction it uses for all other markets, according to Car and Driver. Like the Chevy Colorado, when compared to the Silverado, the Ranger will only be a little smaller than the F-150.


Apparently small pickups are dead. The Ranger won't be the same size as it was back in 2000. It'll be around the size of a Tacoma or a Ridgeline, just a tad smaller than the F-150. The current model looks great on the outside, actually. We kind of miss small pickups but at least today's pickups are efficient.

We don't know much about the interior yet. It's current interior (in other markets) is very similar to those of Fords SUVs like the Escape, with sharp edges and a generally "masculine" look. We'd be willing to bet you'll be able to get leather seats and some kind of upgrade package with extra tech or comfort features.


There have been rumors about a 3.2 liter diesel engine being offered with the Ranger, which would easily compete with the fuel efficiency of the diesel Canyon and Colorado from GM. Ford has gas engines that compete with the GM models as well. You can expect fairly precise comparability.


The expected MSRP is around $25,000.

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