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The Best Black Friday Car Deals in 2020

The entire Thanksgiving holiday week including Black Friday and Cyber Monday present a perfect storm of conditions that make it easy to find discounts and deals. This is because:

Car dealers must compete for shoppers’ attention against all types of retailers and will offer promotions to get you to visit.
Cyber Monday is the last week of the month and salesmen and dealerships are trying to reach both their month-end and year-end sales quotas before the end of the year. The loss they take from a couple sales may be greatly outweighed by the bonus they could possibly earn.
The 2020 model year is ending and salesman are scrambling to get cars off the lot before January.
Customers have come to expect all retailers to offer big one-day deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so car dealerships want to take advantage of that expectation with special promotions.

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